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Depeche Mode (Vinyl Bundle 2 - 180g)

Format: Vinyl

549 DKK
(~73,20 €)

Levering inden for 4-7 dage

Den Legendariske engelske gruppe Depeche Mode, udgiver netop nu, hele deres store katalog på vinyl. Vi har her samlet album 5, 7 og 8 i + 101 Live i en samlet vinylbundle til den skarpe pris af 549 kroner.

Dette er andet af tre genoptryk fra Depeche Mode kataloget.

Album 1-4 : 26/8-16
Album 5, 7 og 8 + 101 Live : 14/10-16
Album 6,9-13: 2/10-17


Black Celebration - 1986:
A Black Celebration
A Fly On the Windscreen (Final)
A A Question of Lust
A Sometimes
A It Doesn't Matter Two
B A Question of Time
B Stripped
B Here Is the House
B World Full of Nothing
B Dressed In Black

101 live - 1989:
A Pimpf
A Behind the Wheel
A Strangelove
A Something to Do
A Blasphemous Rumours
B Stripped
B Somebody
B Things You Said
B Black Celebration
C Shake the Disease
C Please Little Treasure
C People Are People
C A Question of Time
D Never Let Me Down Again
D Master and Servant
D Just Can't Get Enough
D Everything Counts

Violator - 1990:
A World In My Eyes
A Sweetest Perfection
A Personal Jesus
A Halo
A Waiting for the Night
B Enjoy the Silence
B Policy of Truth
B Blue Dress
B Clean

Songs Of Faith and Devotion - 1993:
A I Feel You
A Walking In My Shoes
A Condemnation
A Mercy In You
A Judas
B In Your Room
B Get Right With Me
B Rush
B One Caress
B Higher Love


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