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Depeche Mode (Vinyl Bundle 3 - 180g)

Format: Vinyl

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(~99,86 €)

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Den Legendariske engelske gruppe Depeche Mode, udgiver netop nu, hele deres store katalog på vinyl. Vi har her samlet 5 albums i en vinylbundle. 

Dette er tredje af tre genoptryk fra Depeche Mode kataloget.

Album 1-4 : 26/8-16
Album 5, 7 og 8 + 101 Live : 14/10-16
Album 6,9-13: 2/10-17


Music for the Masses - 1987
A Never Let Me Down Again
A The Things You Said
A Strangelove
A Sacred
A Little 15
B Behind the Wheel
B I Want You Now
B To Have and to Hold
B Nothing
B Pimpf

Ultra - 1997
A Barrel of a Gun
A The Love Thieves
A Home
A It's No Good
A Uselink
A Useless
B Sister of Night
B Jazz Thieves
B Freestate
B The Bottom Line
B Insight
B Junior Painkiller

Exciter - 2001
A Dream On
A Shine
A The Sweetest Condition
B When the Body Speaks
B The Dead of Night
B Lovetheme
C Freelove
C Comatose
C I Feel Loved
D Breathe
D Easy Tiger
D I Am You
D Goodnight Lovers

Playing The Angel - 2005
A A Pain That I'm Used To
A John the Revelator
A Suffer Well
B The Sinner in Me
B Precious
B Macro
C I Want It All
C Nothing's Impossible
C Introspectre
C Damaged People
D Lilian
D The Darkest Star

Sounds Of The Universe - 2009
A In Chains
A Hole to Feed
A Wrong
B Fragile Tension
B Little Soul
B In Sympathy
C Peace
C Come Back
C Spacewalker
C Perfect
D Miles Away / The Truth Is
D Jezebel
D Corrupt



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