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Slush Hours (Signeret)

Format: 2xLP

199 DKK
(~26,53 €)

Levering inden for 4-7 dage

Antal tilbage: 29

How the Slush Hours vinyl is best explained:

There's a new extension to the PHLAKEMANSION. We named it SLUSH HOURS, and it has a theatrical entrance, where the sweet sounds of our brand NEW VINYL is floating out of the doors.

On #phlakefriday aka October 28th we'll be inviting everybody inside the mansion for a treat. There is no mansion without intriguing guests LIKE YOU. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay. Just remember, when the hours get slushy it's going to get hot. You might have to take your DRESS OFF. Some people said we were STALLIN', we don't see it that way. We've just been NEW SLOWING the vinyl, cooking it up for years, making sure the taste and feel is just right. There's no ifs ands or MAY BE's, we're mighty proud of SLUSH HOURS. You can get SO FADED in the barbecue room (don't worry it's ventilated), you can catch a tan, and live la pura vida in the COSTA RICA room. The white wine's on us. If you happen to stumble upon an old ex of yours, say cheers, and maybe get some BREAKUP BUSINESS going. Someone might get PREGNANT while visiting the mansion, and that's just a beautiful thing. We condone this loving behaviour, and yes, there's a constant snack patrol on duty at the mansion. Our search for SOMETHING BETTER will continue. We hope your search will too. Let the SLUSH HOURS take you away to places you never thought existed. One last thing… We don't wanna tell you where to go at the mansion… except for one special place. If you go to the top floor and swing left you will find a secret small room. It says M on the door. Knock 3 times and the door will open. Inside this small room, there's a window in the crooked roof. If you stand beneath the window for exactly 15 seconds, you will be transported through a zero gravity vessel. It will move very fast, so buckle up before you go. After this short trip, you will be in MOLDAVIA. In Moldavia the party keeps going way into the slushy hours. The thing is, time doesn't really exist in Moldavia, the only clocks are the floating timepieces Salvadore Dali used to paint. In Moldavia you will see a lot of things, some things you might not believe, when you see them. But it's just a couple of things, and we think you should at least try to believe. The UFO in oak will be hanging in the corner, Papa will be plastic-table-chessing the hell out of his friend Ramon. You just gotta shrug your shoulders, dance along and live by the motto: MOLDAVIA, it's a pretty crazy place.